Here is a selection of commissioned paintings I have done over the past few years. If you would like something very special created for a loved one, you just need to email me with your ideas, including favourite items, toys, pets, words or anything else that means something to you or them. Just send through a size you have in mind and I will send back a price. Time frame is usually around 2 weeks depending on the size, but I usually have a few on the go, so best to allow a month or two. Payment plans are also an option if there isn’t any urgency – we can always work something out  😀

This was a painting for gorgeous grandparents – they wanted something with them and their six adorable grandchildren. The theme was dragons and princesses, and as they live in Mexico City, I added a bit of that style in the curtains for them.

‘Charlie’ was another grandparent request, a surprise for their daughter and of course Charlie. We had a print done of this one and I painted and hand finished a second artwork, so the Grandparents had something to hang in their home too. Pandas, Goldfish and Fairies were on Charlie’s list of things she loved.

This is Sophie, Her Mum & Dad had a special painting done for her sister Isabella for her first birthday a few years ago and wanted one done for Sophie’s first this year. The request was for a little card on the present that read ‘Love Mum & Dad’ a rainbow and Isabella and their two cats enjoying a tea party in the background.

‘An English Family’ – I received an email from a client in Sussex, who’s wife had purchased a small angel painting from me many years ago. It was his wife’s 50th and he wanted to surprise her. This painting includes all of the things she loves, her children and her husband,  her horses, sheep, combo van, carrot cake, their favourite poem, cappuccinos, sunflowers and butterflies.

Olivia is adorable, she loves Peppa Pig, Butterflies, Flowers, rainbows and Fairies. Her Mum is looking forward to having a painting done of her younger sister sometime soon also.

This is Sophie’s sister Isabella. Sammy and Max are their two ginger cats.

This beautiful family from Brisbane have also purchased a painting from me in the past. When child number three came along, Mum & Dad decided they needed an updated work. I really loved doing this one because I got to include everything each child loves, including the quote in the background that was the youngest daughter’s favourite.