About Angie


Angie’s childhood years were happy ones in a family home where fairytales, flowers and much celebration were common place. This joyful start to her life has no doubt provided the canvas for her wonderfully imaginative and carefree style and bright, happy-go-lucky personality.

After finishing secondary school in Victoria, Angie’s love of art and all things beautiful became the focus for her adult years. She has studied Visual Arts at Gordon Technical College, Far North Queensland Institute of TAFE , James Cook University and Deakin University.

Angie has called Cairns home for nearly 30 years. From this tropical heartland that she loves, Angie derives much inspiration from nature that surrounds. Be it reef or rainforest – Cairns is a painter’s paradise for its bounty of colour and awe – inspiring beauty.

Her Style

Angie’s works are a combination of Acrylic and Mixed Media. Sequins, foils, threads, beads and semi-precious stones are all used to form the basis of both her still life and portraiture art.

Like all painters, Angie’s style has evolved gradually over the years.

It was her daughter, Emily who provided one of the greatest motives for Angie to pick up the brush and practice all the techniques she had studied and learnt. “When Emily was very small I would quite often paint her as a little Angel with wings. She loved these.” Her  many years of classical ballet also contributed to the style that is synonymous with Angie’s work today, sequins, and gems from hours of decorating beautiful costumes for Emily eventually made their way over to the artwork and Angie’s very distinctive mixed media style was born.

The numerous furry & feathered friends that have shared her home over her lifetime have also contributed to her desire to put paint to canvas. Their personalities and loveable antics have helped create the backdrop for hundreds of originals. ‘Fatty’ her beloved Golden Lab, has been a super star in many.



In the midst of her well preserved childhood memories, Angie makes special mention of her upbringing in the beautiful city of Ballarat, Victoria. Stunning architecture, beautiful gardens and a melting pot of cultures created the perfect backdrop to nurture her creative mind.

Angie’s father is also a beautiful painter, and she has many other relatives that are associated with the arts. Her family have helped nurture her dreams, and amongst many that were instrumental in her success  she credits her Uncle Pete, who pushed for her to continue her higher education at an Art College in Geelong, and also her Japanese aunt Mariko, who patiently taught her the art of origami and Kanji and fostered a love of the orient – its colour, traditions and costumes – another influence that can be seen in many of her works, past and present.


Angie’s work is prolific and is displayed  throughout Australia, and in homes and offices around the world.

Her originals and Hand Finished Prints encapsulate endless joy and are always filled with love, life and laughter.